Jaime works as a visiting researcher at CSER on forecasting the impact of new technologies. In his spare time he enjoys roleplaying and thinking about game design.

Camp Co-director

Jaime Sevilla


Tam is a data scientist at the Competition & Markets Authority, where she helps the government understand digital markets and scale their analysis. She likes board games and lindy hop.

Camp Co-director

Tamara Borine

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Wendi accidentally fell into working on CaSPAR and she’s been having a blast with it since. Currently she is trying to deal with some basic ops work, like figuring out the meaning of life and what
her future path should be. Once this is out of the way, she can focus on the important things like board games, origami and bouldering

Lead Operations

Wendi Fan


Adrià's hobbies change way too often, but currently are yoga, lindy
hop and salsa dancing. You should talk to him about anything, really, but he'll enjoy philosophy, linguistics, music, or some of your hard-earned mad math skillz. Most of his time is spent on his PhD in probabilistic machine learning.


Adria Garriga-Alonso Gonzales



Alex has a PhD in logic, and her all time intellectual hero is Bertrand Russell. She is passionate about good software and good science.

Research Software Engineer

Imperial College London

Alex Hill


Matthew grew fed up with neuroscience and switched to AI. His other interests include productive disagreement, improv, and convincing people that vegan dessert can taste good.

Research Engineer


Matthew Rahtz


Max is using game theory to study
competition and it's role in the run up to existential catastrophes. He likes extreme metal, teaching, weird issues in the philosophy of language, and general abstract nonsense.

Senior Research Scholar

FHI, Oxford University

Max Daniel

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