When/how often is CaSPAR held and how long is it?

CaSPAR is usually held every year in the week before Michaelmas Term, and lasts one week.

Where is CaSPAR held?

During the day, we are hosted by the Centre for Mathematical Sciences at Cambridge University, which we book out and transform into a CaSPAR space. Afterwards, we retreat to our group accommodation for dinner and evening activities.

How many people are at CaSPAR?

Usually around 16 students and 8 staff.

Who is eligible to apply?

Students studying mathematics or subjects with a significant mathematical component at Cambridge University are eligible to apply.

How much does it cost to attend?

CaSPAR is free to attend for all accepted students.

What is the selection process for CaSPAR like?

A written application, which is usually short and should take you under half an hour. The next and final stage is a 30-minute interview by video call. 

What are you looking for in a participant?

We look for people who are actively interested in improving how they think and how they act towards furthering their goals, and people who want to explore the connections between these goals. We like to reason about our beliefs and models of the world (both well-defined and those harder to define), and examine them with both rigour and a gentle curiosity.

Can I attend CaSPAR more than once?


What happens after CaSPAR?

You are warmly welcomed into the CaSPAR Alumni community. As part of the alumni community, you'll find loads of opportunities, from jobs to project collaborators, share tips/resource, run events, meet up and practice techniques with others who like to think deeply about things.

I applied to CaSPAR last year but didn’t get in. Can I apply again?


Who funds CaSPAR?

CaSPAR is funded by EA Funds Long-term Future Fund

Why isn’t my question in this FAQ?

Either because we didn’t think of it, or because not enough people emailed us to ask it. Here is an invitation to do just that: info <AT> caspar-camp.uk